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Tour by an old time car - FIAT 500 or Volkswagen or Spider Alfa Romeo…. – through the hilly Tuscan landscape, in historical towns and nice hamlets, on minor roads, far from the beaten tracks: the right way to discover a land.
What: one day /more days tour
Where: different starting points in Tuscany are available


The itineraries on Vespa let the traveler know wide enough areas, although so slowly that he can enjoy the landscapes, without hurry, in search of the treasures of the place. Riding Vespa allows breaks to watch the nature around, to visit an ancient church on the top of a hill, to taste a glass of local wine; Vespa can enter into the narrowest alleys, into the smallest hamlets, allows a simple and free journey. And finding out the way with a road book in the hand is absolutely funny!
Vespa tours are available for one day or more days.
It’s ideal for small groups and... in the summertime!
The ones who don’t drive, can ride Vespa as passengers: it makes anyway fun!
What: one day /more days tour
Where: different starting points in Tuscany are available



Welcome in the land of vineyards and wine! Wine in Tuscany is not (only) a drink: it’s tradition, history, culture, passion, … With roots in the past and look in the future, the native wine producers bring wine to its highest levels. A visit to an estate, in the heart of Tuscany, will let the visitors get closer to the mysterious “world of Bacchus”. An expert sommelier will led the participants to learn something about the tasting techniques and the secrets of this product in a brief introduction, by a walk in the vineyard, a visit to the historical wine cellar and… practical tests of tasting.
What: one day activity
Where: in San Miniato, right in the centre of Tuscany, area of Chianti wine, and in Montalcino, area of Brunello



Many people have tasted truffles in Restaurants; the most don’t know how a truffle looks, or where it grows…. There is an area in the heart of Tuscany (San Miniato, in the district of Pisa) famous for the precious white truffle growing in its soil. A walk in a wood in this area with a truffle expert and his dog will show how and where truffles grow, how dogs are trained for the search for truffles and how these are digged out. Interesting and funny. At the end of the walk, lunch (or dinner) with tasting of truffle menù.
What: one day activity
Where: in San Miniato, near Pisa, and surroundings


The long traditions of quality wine and food are part of the history and culture of Tuscany: visiting this land one can’t miss to discover the flavours of the territory, and the best way to get in touch with them… is a hand-on cooking class. Under the guidance of an expert cook all the presents will knead dough, but don’t worry: at lunch/dinner one will not eat only what has kneaded with one’s hands, but…much much more! The participants will receive a booklet with the recipes and once in their homeland will be able to prepare some Tuscan dish and will astonish their friends.
What: half-day activity, plus lunch/dinner
Where: in several parts of Tuscany, very interesting locations available!

It’s not only a cooking class of traditional Tuscan food, it’s much more: a cooking class to discover recipes of a particular historical time - Renaissance or Middle Ages. The teacher is an historical studious of ancient cooking tradition and will show how our ancestors used to eat and with what sort of ingredients they used to cook. On request: show of ancient dances and games, according to the historical era.
What: half-day activity, plus lunch/dinner
Where: in several parts of Tuscany, very interesting locations available!



It’s certainly a once-in-life experience, and is a unique way to discover Tuscany from an alternative point of view! The participants jump up into the basket and rise gently up from the ground and taken by a gentle breeze above the Tuscan land discover from a privileged point of view historical towns, olive trees and vineyards, and breathtaking landscapes. Rides last about an hour and take place very early in the morning: the first light of dawn creates the magic frame of the scene. At the end of the flight breakfast with traditional Tuscan “peasent” food and drink to taste typical products of this land.
What: half-day activity
Where: in the Chianti area and by Siena



An outdoor activity, ideal for team-building. The old game of treasure hunting, still and anyway funny, divided per groups, in a wood, where the player have to display all their sense of orienteering to reach the treasure. At the end of the game, lunch (or dinner) and awarding of prizes to the winner!
What: half-day activity, plus lunch/dinner
Where: in several parts of Tuscany available


The only way to discover hidden corners of Tuscany, in close contact with nature: a mix of walking in water, sliding down natural water slides, jumping in limpid springs… A charming scenery where the movement of water provides a changing mix of lights, colours and sounds. Enjoy this excursion with the right equipment and a specialized guide: fun and adrenaline in full safety. No training is required: only enthusiasm, curiosity and spirit of group!
What: half-day activity
Where: the best places for the activity are the streams of Garfagnana, in the area of Lucca